KFBHP Responds to COVID-19


For Individual and Family Plan members who wish to receive the vaccine, Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans (KFB HP) will pay 100% of the cost of the vaccine and its administration as long as the current Public Health Emergency remains in effect. Please note:

  • The vaccine is covered at 100% for all Individual and Family Plans with the exception of Short Term Care. Short Term Care plans do not cover vaccines of any kind.
  • Both rounds of the vaccine administration will be covered at 100%.
  • KFB HP will cover 100% of the vaccine costs and its administration by both in network and out of network providers.
  • KFB HP will re-evaluate continued coverage of the vaccine once the declared Public Health Emergency has ended.

For our Medicare members, please be advised that Medicare is paying 100% of the cost for the vaccine and its two-step administration for all Medicare-eligible individuals.


Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans is committed to the protection of both our members and employees during these challenging times. We are ensuring our members have access to the support, care and educational resources required to successfully navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.
We also want to assure our members that, although we’ve had to adjust the way we do business, we are still here to answer your calls and pay your claims. While many of our employees are working from the safety of home, we are continuing to deliver the service you’ve come to expect from Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans.


Beginning Feb. 4, 2020, KFBHP members will pay no out-of-pocket costs for approved and authorized COVID-19 testing and test-related visits. Both the testing and related visit will be paid at 100% for any place of service, including telemedicine visits through Jan. 15, 2022.* This applies for any Under 65 coverage you may have with us, and to providers and facilities both in-network and out-of-network.

* Surveillance testing is generally not covered. Examples of COVID-19 testing/screening not covered include:

         - Pre-employment 

         - Educational institution admission

         - Sports participation

         - Medical certificate

Please note we continue to re-evaluate our COVID-19-related coverage with applicable dates being subject to change.


If you are enrolled in one of our Individual or Family Plans* or Short Term Care, your coverage plan includes access to Teladoc. Teladoc gives you access to a U.S. board certified doctor 24/7 via phone call, video chat or mobile app visit.

It’s a simple, convenient way to speak with a licensed doctor about your symptoms or health concerns and avoid visiting a busy doctor’s office or hospital emergency room during this outbreak of COVID-19.

Call 1-800-Teladoc or visit Teladoc.com to register and/or make an appointment.

Additionally, all Individual or Family Plan members (with the exception of Short Term Care) have access to Teladoc Expert Medical Services (EMS). This virtual health care service can provide you with answers to medical questions, a confirmation or modification of a diagnosis, guidance on picking a treatment option, or help deciding if a surgery is right for you.

*$0 member cost on all plans except HDHP plans. HDHP plan members are responsible for 100% of current Teladoc copay per visit until calendar year deductible (CYD) is met. No charge after CYD is met.


For our Medicare Supplement members, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has shared the following information related to COVID-19 related coverage:

  • Medicare covers lab tests for COVID-19 and the related physician’s visit. You pay no out-of-pocket costs.
  • Medicare will cover the approved benefit amount for medically necessary hospitalizations. This includes if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 and might otherwise have been discharged from the hospital after an inpatient stay, but instead you need to stay in the hospital under quarantine.
  • Medicare has authorized that most covered services, at least through June 19, will be covered at standard benefit levels even if performed through a telehealth service provided by authorized physicians and practices.
  • If you have a spouse or family member in a nursing home, CMS has announced new regulatory requirements requiring nursing facilities to inform residents and their families of any COVID-19 cases in their facilities.
  • If and when a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes available, it will be covered by Medicare Part B or by a Part D prescription drug plan as a preventive measure with no cost sharing required.

Please visit Medicare.gov for more information concerning CMS’s response to COVID-19.


As a reminder, KFBHP has convenient online payment options for paying non-quarterly paper invoices, returned payments and restoration of coverage.  While this does not include quarterly payments, if you are currently paying by this method, this would be a great time to update your billing preference to monthly bank draft. The form to set up this monthly draft can be found by clicking here
At this point KFBHP does not foresee any disruption in drafting premiums.  


  • Wear a mask of face covering that protects your nose and mouth.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water (or alcohol-based hand rub) for at least 20 seconds, especially after coughing or sneezing.  Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.

  • Stay home when you are sick.

  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with your arm or a tissue.

  • Clean and disinfect objects (i.e. cell phone, computer) and high-touch surfaces regularly.


Learn how to help curtail the spread of COVID-19. Also, click here to learn more about social distancing and how it can slow down the spread of COVID-19.


Refer to the helpful comparison chart below to help distinguish between the common cold, the flu and coronavirus.

Symptoms Coronavirus Cold Flu
Fever Common Rare Common
Fatigue Sometimes Sometimes Common
Cough Common (usually dry) Mild Common (usually dry)
Sneezing No Common No
Aches and pains Sometimes Common Common
Runny or stuffy nose Rare Common Sometimes
Sore throat Sometimes Common Sometimes
Diarrhea Rare No Sometimes for children
Headaches Sometimes Rare Common
Shortness of breath Sometimes No No


If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms (such as a cough or difficulty breathing), call your health care provider.

The following symptoms may present 2-14 days after exposure:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath


Click here for some guidance and helpful steps for coping emotionally with the stress and anxiety being faced by many during these uncertain times.


Visit sites below for more information on COVID-19: 
Federal government

Johns Hopkins University

World Health Organization