Looking for a Provider

Please use the following chart as a reference for your network of providers:

Under 65 plans* UnitedHealthCare Choice Plus
DentalVision Delta Dental
Short Term Care UnitedHealthCare Choice Plus
Pharmacy Network** OptumRx

*Advanced and Classic Choice Plans use UMR Managed Dental plans. To see a list of dental providers, visit this link and click on "UMR Managed Dental."

**This link provides general pharmacy information and may not include all pharmacy network results. For a complete and accurate list after enrollment in your KFBHP coverage plan, please visit www.optumrx.com to create your member account.

Medicare Supplement Plans do not use a provider network.

Farm Bureau Health Plans Claims - Member toll-free number: 833-282-5560

I’m a provider

Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans uses UnitedHealthcare to administer claims for the majority of our plans. Medicare Supplement plans will be processed by Members Health Insurance Company.

Under 65 Coverage

For more information, please visit www.uhc.com/provider. If you are a provider currently not in United's Choice Plus network you can join here.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans Provider toll-free number: 833-282-5551.