Medicare Supplement Plans and Resources

Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans offers four Medicare Supplement plans that help cover many costs not paid by Medicare. These “gaps” – such as deductibles, coinsurance and certain limitations – can be costly in the event of an accident or illness. Medicare Supplement coverage is tried and true, easy to understand, and does not use provider networks. And for each of our four government-approved levels of coverage, the rates are very affordable.

No Provider Network

With a Farm Bureau Health Plans Medicare Supplement, you can continue to use your current doctors, hospitals and other health care providers.

Four Medicare Supplement Coverage Plans

  • Medicare Supplement Plan A: One of the least expensive Medicare Supplement plans offered, Plan A provides basic benefits for people who want health care coverage for coinsurance payments, but may not need a lot of health care services.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan D: Plan D provides health coverage for Kansans that covers most expenses not paid by Medicare.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan G: If you can afford to pay the Part B deductible, Medicare supplement Plan G will help cover 100% of other charges. This plan provides the most comprehensive coverage for filling in gaps left by Medicare. 
  • Medicare Supplement Plan N: This plan covers most of the gaps in Medicare coverage, for Kansans who are willing to pay some copayments.

See an Outline of Medicare Supplement Coverage.

Guaranteed Renewable Plans

As long as you make premium payments on time and do not file claims with false or misleading information, you'll have the security of Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans Medicare Supplement coverage as long as you want it.

30-Day Free Look

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans Medicare Supplement, return the certificate to us within 30 days after you receive it and we will refund any payments you have made (less any benefits provided).