We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers about our services.

You can apply for coverage by calling toll-free 1-833-282-5928, visiting your local Farm Bureau Financial Services agent or apply online for an instant rate quote.

You must be a Farm Bureau member of Kansas to apply for the healthcare benefit. Anyone can become a member of Kansas Farm Bureau. Simply go here to join today.

A benefit exclusion rider means a member cannot receive benefits for a specific illness or condition for the lifetime of the benefit exclusion. A pre-existing waiting period means a member cannot receive benefits during the waiting period for symptoms or conditions that existed prior to the effective date of coverage.

Call us toll-free at 1-833-282-5928 to order a new ID card or use our contact us form.

You meet your deductible with eligible hospital services, prescription drugs and other services, such as lab work or X-rays. On the co-pay plans, your co-pay is a first dollar benefit and the co-pay amount does not apply to your deductible or out-of-pocket maximums. Non-covered expenses also do not apply to the deductible.

You may request a Bank Draft Authorization Form by calling our toll-free number at 1-833-282-5928. You may also download the form from our resouce page. The form must be completed, signed and a voided check must be attached. For savings accounts, you must take the form to your financial institution for completion of the bank routing and account numbers. No deposit slips will be accepted. This form must be received in our office 10 days prior to the next scheduled draft date.

Subscribers may cancel coverage for any reason within 10 days of written notice prior to the next scheduled bank draft date. 

Call 1-833-282-5928 for more information.

Monthly billed health and dental customers are not entitled to a refund except in the case of death when there are no dependents covered. Quarterly billed customers whose premium has been paid and who wish to cancel their coverage are entitled to a refund provided their cancelation form is received by the 25th of the month. Refunds will be calculated from the following 1st of the month to the paid-to date. 

Please notify Farm Bureau Health Plans at 1-833-282-5928 if eligibility changes for any covered individuals.

A pre-existing waiting period protects existing members' premiums. A pre-existing waiting period means a member cannot receive benefits during at least the first 12 months of coverage for any symptom or condition that existed prior to the effective date of coverage. Because the cost of individual coverage is based on use of benefits by the entire membership, pre-existing waiting periods help Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans provide coverage at a significantly lower cost than if pre-existing waiting periods were not in place. If pre-existing waiting periods were not in place, people could wait until they became ill to get health care protection, driving health care costs to an unaffordable level for everyone.

Once they become ineligible as a dependent on their parents' coverage or for Children's Coverage, they have 60 days to transfer to their own individual coverage. They can transfer to Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans individual coverage when they become ineligible without any further medical or health review, even if they have developed an illness or medical condition while enrolled in the previous plan. 

Call us at 1-833-282-5928 prior to their 26th birthday to assist with transition to their own policy.

Group coverage is not available through Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans.

Customers should consult with their tax professional.

Kansas Farm Bureau Traditional Membership Health Plans are made available through Kansas Farm Bureau as a membership organization. This membership plan structure was not included in the mandates under the Affordable Care Act, and medical underwriting may effect eligibility and rates. While providing a rich benefit package and large network of providers, the plans are not considered minimum essential coverage which means they are subject to the healthcare penalty for having a health plan of this type. The penalty is currently 0%.