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Talkspace’s therapist-led virtual care services and same-day start times can provide responsive and reliable mental health support to those experiencing a wide range of challenges—including stress, anxiety, depression and more. Seventy percent of Talkspace members reach clinically significant improvement in a matter of weeks.

For the last decade, Talkspace has made access to quality mental health support safe and easy. Two-million-plus members have engaged with Talkspace for assessment, self-help tools, therapy and medication. Hundreds of organizations have selected Talkspace because our care is safe, proven and dynamic to meet the needs of adults and adolescents.

Core Services


Dedicated behavioral health and emotional well-being support from a licensed clinician via unlimited messaging (text, voice, video) and video appointment. 

Self-Guided Exercises

Exercises, such as meditation and journaling, are available to use anytime, whether or not members engage with a therapist.


Dedicated evaluation, prescription, and medication services from a licensed prescriber via video appointment only.

Relationship Tools

Lasting is a self-guided relationship counseling tool to improve relationship satisfaction﹣ featuring topical sessions, discussion guides, live workshops, and more.

Both Psychiatry and Lasting are add-on features that can be used in combination with therapy.

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